• 1. Griefing

    Definition: Activities that are not constructive and with deliberate intent to do harm to others.
    A ) You may not block access to deeds, merchants, or structures not belonging to you.
    B ) You may not call guards to kill penned animals on deeds you are not a citizen of. (They ain’t hurting you!)
    C ) You may not steal deeds from the original mayor or residing citizens.
    – resident citizens on democratic deeds may vote a new mayor for any reason.
    D ) You may not intentionally create player traps. (i.e. Using siege shields to trap other players)
    E ) Failure to fallow any designated sign instructions posted.

  • 3. Chat Rules

    The online chat system is a privilege and one we would like to see you keep, so please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with Mythmoor chat rules.
    The following rules apply to PUBLIC chat channels and are not exhaustive.
    1) You may not purposely disrupt chat by excessive trolling.
    Trolling – Is defined as a user posting inflammatory remarks or annoying behavior to intentionally provoke other users.
    Do not post with the sole intent of upsetting other players.
    Do not post with the intent of causing unrest.
    Do not post to offend, insult, taunt or aggravate other users and staff.
    Do not post excessive shouting (caps) or Ascii art.
    Do not post to defame or discredit Grave Knight staff.
    2) You may not harass (sexually or otherwise), verbally abuse, threaten, berate, flame or cause unwanted distress to anyone.
    3) You may not use excessively sexually explicit language. Furthermore, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially and/or ethnically
    offensive language won’t be tolerated. This includes workarounds, symbols, links, misspelling and text within images.
    4) You may not discuss, post items or links relating to exploit abuse and other forms of cheating, religion, illegal drugs or the abuse of such drugs, ‘warez’, copyright infringement and ‘pirated’ materials (including illegal torrents) or any other illegal activity.
    5) Grave Knight staff would prefer English to be used when speaking in public chats and when making support calls. If you cannot use English, a translator may be a good option. Mocking or insulting someone trying their best is not acceptable and may result in an official warning or worse.

  • 2. Abandoned vehicles

    Abandoned vehicles are those that have been left in such places that constitute a problem to playability such as abandonment on deed.
    Abandoned vehicles may be brought to the attention of a Game Master. The GM will move the vehicle to a sufficient distance from the deed after confirming that the owner is not active.

  • 4. Punishment Policy

    Punishments will be dealt with on a case by case basis at the discretion of the GM team. If you feel that a case was dealt with incorrectly you may bring it to the attention of the GM involved and/or Community Manager.

  • 5. Moderation Actions

    Moderators may issue directives as deemed necessary to enforce these rules.
    WarningWarning – Moderators may warn any user for breaches of the chat rules.
    Muting – Moderators may mute any user for breaches of the chat rules.
    Temporary Ban – Moderators may issue temporary bans for breaches of the chat rules.
    Permanent Ban – Moderators may permanently ban any user who offends on a regular basis, or whose offense is severe.
    All permanent bans are subject to review.