• Exhaustive Mod List

    Armoury - Bugfixes and adjustments to weapon, armour, and combat.
    Better Digging - Dig directly to your cart or wagon, Dropped on the ground if not on a vehicle.
    Better Farming - Perform farming actions in a small area as skill increases.
    BountyMod - receive bounty for killed creatures / enable skillgain for bred creatures and a lot more options
    Bulk Items Separated - Items are sorted by quality levels when deposited in bulk storage bins.
    Craft More Things - Allows for the creation of an array of new items previously uncraftable
    Crop Mod - Fields do not wither.
    Creatures age mod - Animals grow up faster.
    Double Bulk Capacity - Newly created BSBs and FSBs capacity is quadrupled (4x). All crates capacity is doubled.
    FireBurnTime - Shows the remaining burn time more accurately on lit containers.
    Harvest Helper - Minor adjustments to improve harvesting.
    Hitching Post - Item that allows you to hitch your animal in place.
    Hitch Limits - Improvements to creatures hitched onto vehicles.
    HotS Fixes - Bugfixes for Libila.
    Highway Portals - Create portals to instantly transport to deeds connected via the highway system.
    Kingdom Stuff - Allows creation of kingdom and PMK-specific items for player use.
    Mark And Recall - Quick Travel Mod - Craft recall runes and mark a location on it, and recall to it.
    Modify Gestation Time - allows server the ability to modify the time it takes for creatures to give birth.
    Move To Center - Provides an action that allows you to move items directly to the center of a tile.
    Non combat pets (Minipets) - Non-combat pets are small companions that can follow you around, they do not fight.
    No Holy Ground - Allows construction within the vicinity of white and black light.
    No Build Limit - Removes skill requirement on planning building from all players, allowing building of (almost) any size.
    No Mail Cost - Removes postage from mailing items, removes postage from returned/rejected mails, Newly created mailboxes will have configurable Courier enchant placed on them.
    Pick More Sprouts - Pick more sprouts with one action.
    Server Packs - Allows custom graphics to be displayed from the server to clients.
    Server Player Counter - Corrects the server player count on the server list.
    Server Tweaks - A suite of various bugfixes and tweaks for Wurm Unlimited servers.
    Sindusk Library - Required for various other mods.
    Spell Mod - Priest restrictions removed.
    Stable Master - Allows conversion of creatures into tokens that can be redeemed.
    Starter Gear - Adjusts the starting gear of new players.
    Tabard Mod - Allows players to create kingdom-specific tabards to wear.
    Taxidermy - Players can create kits to keep corpses as decorations.
    Three Dee - Tables and other decorations can now have items placed on top of them.

  • Server Settings

    Free Starter Deeds - No deed founding cost to help new players jump right in to the game.
    There is deed upkeep however, this is to limit abandonded deeds cluttering the world.
    Login to a complete starter town where you can grind and develop your skills safely.There you will find a Smithy, Carpentry, Cooking, Tailoring, beds and more.
    One alt per ip address they will not be gave the skill boost or coin.

    Maximum Creatures:25,000
    Aggressive creatures 50%
    Epic Seetings
    Newbie Friendly
    Skill gain: 20x
    Action gain: 50X
    Feild Growth: harvestable in 1 hour, no rot.
    Two Free 5 Speed Horses for new explorers.
    No Priest restrictions.

    Special Events
    We have special events planned for players to participate in and win a variety of prizes including pets, gear, mounts, and more! These are GM hosted official events but we welcome player hosted events as well!
    GM Shops
    The main hub is set up with gm supplied shops that contain special items normally unobtainable by other means. Sometimes these items are given as event rewards as well.
    Player Shops
    We have a large market area dedicated to player run shops.